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Juegos Trivia Palabras
Desarrollador Tubik Inc.

» ✰✰✰ The Weakest Link ✰✰✰ «

1⃣ Picture Questions 【 Apps,Movie,Art,etc. 】
2⃣ Multiple Choice
3⃣ True-False
4⃣ Word Quiz Questions

» ✰✰✰ 3 GAME MODE ✰✰✰ «

1⃣ Multiplayer Mode » 4 Players
2⃣ Challenge Mode » 2 Players
3⃣ Training Mode » Only You

★✰★✰★ » ALL IN ONE « ★✰★✰★

We are looking for the best !
Are you the number one?
You will get chance to make online quiz yourself in a multiplayer game!

Are you bored to genarate words from letter?
Do you want to measure yourself with others in a real time show?

Then welcome to know-it-all !

We invite you to the quiz game that is the most enjoyable, interactive cultural game of all times !
You will be addicted to the game with thousand of up to date questions in 4 different types as;

Each multiplayer game starts with 4 Players; The weakest link is eleminated at the end of each stage.

The game can be played over Game Center.

4 different types in thousands of questions.
500 Chips are given to the player at first entrance. Each multiplayer game costs as 20 chips.

Players try to save chips in a bank with playing a team game, the winner gains the collected chips at the end of the game.

Players can see the statistics of current player in that game.

Elected player can watch the rest of the game when others are playing.

The twitter information of the top player is publishied in the scoreboard. Its permitted to make follower from the list.

Know it all and increase your number of followers!

You can develop yourself with training mode and be better than your rivals!